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ALOKA Electronic Pocket Dosimeters – MyDose EPD
      ALOKA PDM-122
   General Electronic Pocket Dosimeter

      ALOKA PDM-127
    Medical Electronic Pocket Dosimeter

      ALOKA PDM-222 - Direct-Reading
    Electronic Pocket Dosimeter

     ALOKA PDM-227 - Medical
   Electronic Pocket Dosimeter

The following older models are available until current stocks run out!

ALOKA Dosimeter Lithium Batteries:
Box of 10 - GB 20.00 or Box of 50 - GB 79.00

The following models are no longer available

ALOKA PDM-313 Neutron Electronic Pocket Dosimeter
No longer available
For neutron dosimetry, monitoring both thermal and fast neutrons, with the continuous display of dose from 0.01-99.99mSv. The PDM-313 is particularly suitable for use around accelerators, and both experimental and fully operational reactors. This instrument provides a large 4-digit continuous display of accumulated dose that is retained even if the power is turned off. Its smooth case measures 145x30x12mm and weighs only 70g.

ALOKA PDM-111 for Environmental Dosimetry
No longer available – suggested replacement PDM-122

ALOKA PDM-112 for General Dosimetry
No longer available – suggested replacement PDM-122

ALOKA PDM-192 for General Dosimetry
No longer available – suggested replacement PDM-122

ALOKA PDM-193 for General Dosimetry
No longer available – suggested replacement PDM-122

ALOKA PDM-117 for Medical Dosimetry
No longer available – suggested replacement PDM-127

ALOKA ADM-112 Gamma & X-Ray Electronic Pocket Dosimeter with 3 Alarms
No longer available – please contact us for possible alternatives



ALOKA Electronic
Pocket Dosimeters

Aloka has been a pioneer of radiation measurement for over 50 years.

Its radiation measuring instruments are used extensively for measurement, analysis, and safety in the fields of medical care, nuclear power generation, biochemistry, pharmacy, and others.

MyDose Mini electronic pocket dosimeters have always been precision-engineered for safety and reliability to the highest standards.

Now they have been upgraded once again to offer even more features in a smaller and lighter package.

The new PDM-122 and PDM-127 Electronic Pocket Dosimeters feature:

* Silicon semi-conductor detector.

* Self-test display.

* The accumulated dose is stored even when turned off.

* Immunity to high electric fields of 150 V/m or more.

* Simple one switch operation.

* Large 4-digit continuous display of dose in Sv and also doserate in Sv/h.

* Lightweight, only 40g (previously 50g)

* Slim pen-style design, now 25% smaller (108x30x11mm)

* Standard lithium battery CR2450 provides approx 700 hours of continuous use.

* Battery Level indicator (3 steps)

* Wider measurement range.

* Increased temperature durability (-10 to +50 degrees C).

* Includes neck strap and pocket clip.



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